?> Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs Installation Braintree, Essex

Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs Installation Essex

Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs Installation Essex

Exit Signs Installation in Essex

By law, your commercial building needs to have exit signs installed. We can provide you with a range of exit signs for your building. There are many designs to choose from; it’s up to your personal choice. In addition to this, we can install and mount them on your walls. We’re able to mount signs above emergency exits, and connect them to your main power source. In the event of an emergency, these signs will light up and show people the safe way to leave your building. Without working exit signs installed, you could face penalties from the HSE. This can cost your company a lot of money, and be bad for your reputation. It’s such a small thing to get sanctioned for; there’s no excuse for it to happen. Come to us and we’ll have the signs installed ASAP.

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Emergency Lighting Installation in Essex

Along with this service, we also provide emergency lighting installation. There are times when the power may go out in your commercial building. As such, it’s important that you have emergency lighting in place to keep everyone safe. We use intelligent lighting planning to ensure all of your staff are fully protected in an emergency. The emergency lighting comes on automatically as soon as the main power is out. This ensures there’s no worry of people running around in the dark, and injuring themselves. Again, this is a very important health and safety measure that you need to have. Our emergency lighting can also help guide your employees to the emergency exits in the building.

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